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Art For Arachnoiditis is An Art, Adaptability and Empowerment Project about Living With Spinal Arachnoiditis. It is a Charitable Project of SheilaLynnK Art Studio fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, A 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Tax deductible contributions are accepted at NYFA

Among the services provided, the Project Includes this Website for Survivors which served 93 countries in 2015 (WordPress Report).

The Project Mission is to empower Spinal Arachnoiditis Survivors via participation in the Arts as we promote connectivity, healing, and coping tools for Living With Arachnoiditis while increasing the scope of Arachnoiditis Awareness and Prevention. Started as a One-to-One Survivor Portrait Project(2014) and Growing into a Global Community for Creative Wellness; The Art For Arachnoiditis Project is an art, adaptability and empowerment project about living with spinal arachnoiditis. A charitable Creative Wellness Art project of SheilaLynnK Art Studio; it is intended to send an empowering message for change to: arachnoiditis survivors & their support networks, persons living with chronic pain, administrative bodies governing medical policies resulting in adverse outcomes, professionals teaching/administering healing through art, employers who must accommodate arachnoiditis in the work place, and other artists with "disabilities"

At the risk of over-simplifying... Arachnoiditis is a spinal cord injury caused by the neurotoxins in spinal injections and invasive spinal procedures.


We received some wonderful art by survivors as we squeaked through Year 3 with a less-than-ideal fiscal outlook, and personal family illness and death. Although we didn't reach the Year 3 fiscal goals, we are moving into Year 4 with some hopeful adjustments And a Modified Method to present a FREE Independent Study Creative Wellness Program to Survivors Registered at the Project.

Survivors, No payment is required to be eligible to receive the Creative Wellness Program. Upon confirmation of your registration the FIVE MODULES of the program will be sent via the email information you provide as quantities become available. Creative Wellness Program updates and resources will be delivered to you via this mailing list. You must be signed up here AND have a confirmed registration to receive this FREE Independent Study pdf.


The Art For Arachnoiditis Project CUMULATIVE FISCAL SUMMARY