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MODULE FIVE ~ Sustenance
Independent Study

Finished Modules ONE through FOUR and ready for Number FIVE?

In the Fifth Module (suggested schedule: three-four weeks)

We ask and answer the important question, “How do you nourish your Wellness?” Quality input, communication, and connections are equally important Sustenance for Independent Wellness. Topics, Re-usuable Worksheets and activities include:

Cuts Like a Knife ~ Revisiting the 48 Hour Challenge
Quality Input ~ Creating the Right Tools to Feed YOUR Wellness
FIVE Steps to Create the Tools:
ONE Shed the Crap~Fertilize Your Transformation w/printable activity sheet and Cut-out template
TWO Replacing the Crock of Crap~Lessons in Love-based choices and Vessels for Wellness for Body, Mind, and Spirit~printable worksheet and Extension Activity, Ingredients List for my anti-inflammatory menu
THREE Connecting the Dots ~ Cultivating an Appropriate Habitat
FOUR Your "Right" Cluster ~ How to establish your Cluster. cluster Cards for Creative Guidance Includes Message Guide and Cluster Cards printable templates to color and cut, instructions for Cluster Cards Mobile (extension art activity), Creating your Own Cluster
FIVE Clustered Communication ~Expectations and Connections

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Complimentary I Stand For Love 2018 Calendar with 365 days of Creative Inspiration from Sarah Love were provided to
patrons who enrolled BEFORE July 1, 2018.
Update September 21, 2018: Sarah’s 2019 Calendars have just been released and are on sale via her website HERE.

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