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arachnoiditis survivor
Arachnoiditis Survivor:
Project Intentions
digital collage

"I am an arachnoiditis survivor (2007). Through art, I have achieved my Physical and Vocational Rehabilitation goals. I finally own my own art studio and opened it to the public in 2013. I can only be vertical for three hours at a time. So, I use the Ostrich Cot to draw portraits and complete other projects here. Now that I am established, I would like to start doing conceptual portraits of other survivors as a way to empower them, to exchange ideas for Reasonable Accommodations, and to tell our story." ~slk
The digital photography obtained during these travels around the United States will be used to document the reality of this permanent disability, the methods survivors use to adapt to it, and the scars it leaves behind. A personal interview and digital photo of the survivor will also be used as reference material to create a graphite on paper conceptual portrait depicting the humanity which still resides within the "patient". These portraits will be completed using the Ostrich Cot and other Arachnoiditis-friendly Reasonable Accommodations implemented at SheilaLynnK Art Studio. This collection of portraits will then be paired with the digital photographs to be shown in an exhibit dedicated to Arachnoiditis Awareness and Prevention. Each Survivor Volunteer will receive a Signed Print of his/her Conceptual Portrait to keep.

Arachnoiditis Survivors are not expected to finance this project.
Survivors Entries received by February 15, 2015 will be considered for display at the Art For Arachnoiditis Project First Exhibit

The AIM|Hatchfund Campaign in June 2014 met the revised $2500 minimum goal.This Funding will cover the cost of supplies & materials for Portraits and the Arachnoiditis Art Exhibit.Additional funding will increase the reach of this project.
Art For Arachnoiditis is An Art, Adaptability and Empowerment Project about Living With Arachnoiditis. It is a Charitable Project Hosted by SheilaLynnK Art Studio.View the estimated project Budget

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