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SheilaLynnK Art Studio is committed to consideration of Green Matters for the Wellness of our local community and the Earth.

"The truth is our single use plastic habit has exceeded our ability to recycle it....Global manufacturers make more than 300 tons of new plastics from fossil fuel. We recycle less than 10% and is seldom turned into new products...without an outlet for second use plastic the bales of used plastic from the U.S. are exported to other countries where there is no developed waste-management structure." ~ Can One Straw Change The World? | Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff In TEDxTalks by Mark Sylvester 10/02/201716
This 20 minute TedxTalk video explains more about the difference between necessity and convenience plastics and the numerous reasons we must stop using single use plastics. Recycling is no longer considered a viable sustainable solution to this life threatening pollution.

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