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Returning to the studio in 2022
I've added more designs and new items to my collection at V I D A.
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*$6.00 of every purchase you make from
my collection at V I D A*,
helps to fund the Belfast Organization for Artists, The Art For Arachnoiditis Project, and my work to provide equitable access to local creative things in Allegany County, NY and elsewhere.

Every purchase made on VIDA provides social programs to those who bring the art to life. Tailored to the needs of their unique communities, these programs range from teaching basic literacy in Pakistan to women’s empowerment in Turkey. Some items, like the "New Pieces" tote, the ornaments, leggings, and the cell phone case are also custom made in the USA.

Many of VIDA’s silhouettes and product types are made from post-consumer recycled materials and biodegradable fabrics. Pieces are sourced and crafted with care and integrity, ensuring they are made to last.

The VIDA Story seems to line up with my own goals for Global Unity and Creative Wellness.
V I D A doesn't keep many items in stock, so each piece is custom printed uniquely for you, reducing waste and, hopefully, the need for mass-produced goods.