Art For Arachnoiditis Project YEAR 1 (2014-2015) > Empowerment Project Website for Arachnoiditis Survivors

Providing healing through the arts for Arachnoiditis Survivors

Art For Arachnoiditis is An Art, Adaptability and Empowerment Project about Living

Art For is a work in progress.
Contact the studio if you would like to help out with building this resource for Arachnoiditis Survivors.
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The website is intended to provide a practical coping resource which supplements the numerous support groups available in Social Media and is NOT intended as medical advice or guidance. All users are advised to consult a trustworthy physician prior to making any assumptions about prognosis, diagnosis, or changes in care or treatment.

Survivors are invited to submit their own original art for display in the website gallery and the Public Exhibition April 2015. Entry Deadline: February 15, 2015.

The AIM|Hatchfund Campaign in June 2014 met the revised $2500 minimum goal.This Funding will cover the cost of supplies & materials for Portraits and the Arachnoiditis Art Exhibit

UPDATE 4.20.2020 ~ If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to current charitable art projects at SheilaLynnK Art Studio, you can find out more about that HERE.