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Olean Times Herald, Women Arts, Support Women Artists Now, SWAN Day, Allegany County NY
SwanDay Intro, Olean Times Herald

Interview and Photo by Deb Wuethrich, Special to the Olean Times Herald
Additional Comments: "There is so much inspiring art happening locally! A member of the Wellsville Art Association, The Allegany Arts Association, Founder of the Belfast Organization for Artists (BOFA),Creator and Manager of the Art For Arachnoiditis Project, Participant in the Allegany Artisans Studio Tour (2013), and Follower of the Cattaraugus County Arts Council, I wanted to do an event that invites "new" artists to show and sell their work, as well as, provide an opportunity to promote, support, and celebrate the creative women who step up to make these local groups a success AND the Local Creative Women who simply don't have the time to participate in these groups.
I am inspired by the community action and creative works of local artists like Wendy Skinner, Eleanor Cott, Allison Midgley, Pat Gay, Kristen Kruger, Kathryn Garrison and so many more that I cannot list them here. Additionally, I am perpetually in awe of works by Women Artists like Maya Lin and Louise Bourgeois and I think, if given the right support; we have artists here who have the potential to be as successful as they have been.
As a BOFA activity, I began a local call for SWAN Day ideas and participants in 2013. The 2015 SWAN Party was hosted by the Fountain Arts Center in Belmont. As it has expanded into SWAN Days (more than one day of activities); This is the biggest SWAN Day activity I have done to date. I am looking forward to seeing the work that comes in. " ~Sheila L. Kalkbrenner