Green Matters2016-2020 > Organic Installation; Tree Project

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Tree Project, Sacred Art
Poster Print, unframed
10.5" x 14"
Tree Project, First Frost, Autumn Ice, Sacred Art, Organic Installation Art
Poster Print, unframed
8" x 17"
Tree Project, First Frost, Autumn Ice, Sacred Art, Organic Installation Art, Tree Art, Memorial Art, Green Matters
Poster Print, unframed
10" x 14"
Tree Project, Pine Trees,
Organic Installation

Ultimately, I believe this project happened because

“In the haunted house of life,
art is the only stair that doesn't creak.”
~Tom Robbins

Tapping into the sacred nature of art and the intrinsic androgynous nature of trees, this work was transformed from an original tree, Melvin, who protected the property until a storm twisted him down in 2017; The Tree Project is an organic installation artwork freely available to the public.

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