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Wellsville Daily Reporter
Arachnoiditis Survivor Project Article

Many thanks to Kathryn Ross and the Wellsville Daily Reporter for their coverage of the project and its history.
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"Just to clarify, sleep is often a rare entity for Arachnoiditis Survivors. I lay down every two to three hours to replenish the Cerebrospinal Fluid that has been obstructed by the scar tissue along my spinal cord."~slk
Jones Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services in Wellsville, NY has been a key component in my rehabilitation efforts. Without the open-minded approach provided by the dedicated staff [Gary Mann, FNP, Brenda Szabo, and Billy Carstens,D.O.] willing to consult with other experienced professionals regarding the treatment/management of Spinal Adhesive Arachnoiditis, and the profound patience of the front-line care providers & coordinators on staff there, it is likely I would still be struggling to find appropriate care.

This project has been made possible by the use of the Ostrich Cot created by Ostrich Products.