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Art For Arachnoiditis Update 9/18/14
digital video

September 2014 update on the Art For Arachnoiditis Projects at SheilaLynnK Art Studio.

Some music in this video was edited from clips of a compilation by Herbie Hancock, Pink, and John Legend within the boundaries of copyright law in a manner intended to enhance the creative impact of the piece without intent to distribute for personal gain.However, consent has not been given to utilize it in this manner and some portions of the audio may not be available out of respect for the original artist.

Entries submitted after Feb.15, 2015 will be reserved for the SECOND public exhibition.

The New Art For Arachnoiditis website is dedicated to art and healing which targets the needs of arachnoiditis survivors.
The interactive Website displays original healing art by Sheila and her fellow survivors,encourage healing through assorted art or creative practices used in ancient and modern art therapy applications, provides methods for arachnoidits survivors to document survival and adaptation through the arts, establish a venue to publicize arachnoidtis awareness/prevention events using original art by Arachnoiditis Survivors,
and supply credible resources for survivors. Art For Arachnoiditis on Facebook

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