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Barter For Art Program
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The Barter For Art Program at SheilaLynnK Art Studio launched in February 2014. This idea began with the basic idea of wanting to keep art affordable. A simple Henry Miller quote shared by Lisa Sonora during the Root: 30 Day Journal Project seemed to give the boost I needed to implement this plan.

Local patrons are invited to exchange goods and services for art.
The last Printable Barter For Art list and order form are available in the Price Lists & Order Forms Tab
"Although I welcome the discussions about alternatives to capitalism, I mostly hope to create empowering, meaningful, and creative, experiences for all of my patrons. This intention is not exclusive to the Arachnoiditis Survivors Participating in the Art For Arachnoiditis Project. My hope is to keep art affordable and accessible for anyone who would benefit from it." ~slk