Art For Arachnoiditis Project YEAR 1 (2014-2015) > FIRST Arachnoiditis Survivors' Art Exhibit

Limited Liberty Interactive Installation Video
Mixed Media Installation

An Interactive Installation at the Art For Arachnoiditis Project Survivors' Exhibit Opening Reception. April 18 at The Fountain Arts Center. By invitation, portions of this FIRST Exhibit are now traveling around Upstate New York as part of the Artist Among Us Touring Art Program hosted by the Fountain Arts Center.
2015 Destinations:
Fountain Arts Center ~ Belmont, NY ~April
Cuba Circulating Library Art Gallery ~Cuba, NY ~ June/July
The Office For the Aging ~ Belvidere, NY ~ July/August
Jones Memorial Hospital ~ Wellsville, NY ~ August/September
Houghton College Community Gallery ~ Houghton, NY ~ September/October

To Include Survivors from Near and Far, Names of ALL registered Arachnoiditis Survivors, including those registered for the Map of the Survivors, were inserted into prescription bottles and suspended throughout the exhibit at assorted heights to simultaneously illustrate the limitations placed upon us by the medical injury, the freedom/impairment dichotomy that comes with prescription medication for pain management, and OUR DETERMINATION TO COME TOGETHER ANYWAY.

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Arachnoiditis is a spinal cord injury caused by the neurotoxins in spinal injections and invasive spinal procedures. Find out more about Arachnoiditis at