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Creative Wellness Circle September 2016

Growing a local Circle of Natural Feminine Energy for Creative Wellness & Intentional Unity for all who attend.Together let’s create a safe local environment for Sustainable Independent Wellness.
FREE Creative Wellness Circle

Our Next Circle in Wellsville will be on September 1st.
From 7-9pm. RSVP by August 28th

Join us as we work to be our Well and Authentic Sacred Selves celebrating the feminine face of spirituality in its many diverse forms.
The UNIFY Global Sisterhood Theme for September is:Cultivating Integrity: I am Honest, Clear, and True
New Moon in Virgo on September 1st
This theme is a call to:
Uphold the sacred responsibility to live in an Honest, Clear, and True vibration with the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the actions we take.
Being willing to see the promises we've made to ourselves and others that we haven't kept, why, and whether it's in alignment to fulfill them or let them go
Living a life where we say YES to what is 100% in alignment for us, with realistic promises, and clear boundaries.
Watch the UNIFY video to learn more about why Integrity is a key component to living a life enriched with purpose and fulfillment!

You may also be interested in The NEW Creative Wellness Program~an eight week online class Sharing the methods that work for me as a valuable resource for Sustainable, Independent, Creative Wellness.