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Rewards For Patrons

Until April 30, 2017; Patrons Subscribing at $10 and Up receive a Set of TEN PYO Notecards for printing on your own card stock for your personal use.Print any size as often as you like.
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Beginning in May 2017 and ending Sep 1, 2017, this Reward level will become listed as “Sacred Sisters” to fund the Creative Wellness Circle at SheilaLynnK Art Studio. Patrons at this level get access to my Sacred Art Series of ten PYO Notecards as a pdf for your personal use. Each month you will get Patrons-First access to original Sacred Art celebrating Nature and the Feminine Face of Spirituality.
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The Sacred Art Series of Note Cards includes:
(From top left) Aurora Escaped, Dream A Little, Be Well
Moon Fly After Dark, Roots and Wings, Wind in the Garden
Duna Speaks, Infinite Swim, Zen Feathers, Moon Fly

Full List of REWARDS FOR PATRONS (Effective April 2017-September 2017)