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Sacred Sisters, Wellness, Sister Circle, Wellsville NY
December Creative Wellness Circle
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Every New Moon we gather with a new theme to align our intention for personal and global healing.
We will highlight important causes, share powerful resources and take action together. As we transform ourselves,we transform the world.

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Grounded Rockstar
I am steady, determined, and fulfilling my goals
Now is the time to bring things to a completion - rest, reflect, and assess this past year as we begin to let it go.
Who were you when the year started and who are you now?
We invite you to take a few deep breaths as you appreciate how much you have grown, experienced, and learned over this last year.
Some of us may have a tendency to undervalue the work we've done or lose sight of how much we've evolved.
With the moon in full bloom, this is a perfect time to do a releasing ceremony through journaling - letting go of self-judgments, forgiving ourselves if there are things we wished to accomplish that we didn't prioritize, and making room for renewed dreams, visions, and goals to arrive in our hearts!
Now is the time to listen deeply to the whispering inspiration within for what this next year about for you. We invite you to honor yourself as a powerful warrior - wise, disciplined, and capable of great victories.
The Global Sisterhood is here to believe in you, hold you up, and celebrate your magnificence.
We invite you to join us on the LAST NEW MOON OF THE YEAR, December 28th, as we unite all over the world to set our intentions for 2017 and activate our goals with vigor and the accountability of sisters! "~Unify Global Sisterhood