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Sponsors and Patrons
Sponsors and Patrons

A BIG THANK YOU! TO OUR SPONSORS AND SheilaLynnK Art Studio Patrons!
Events, Activities, and Project videos are made possible by the support of patrons like you.
Watch "5 Minutes for the Arachnoiditis Survivors" featuring the YEAR 2 Survivor Song entry, "Needles" by Brock Babcock (husband of Arachnoiditis Survivor, Michelle Babcock).
Fund Year 4 (2017-2018) at
NYFA ~ your tax-deductible contribution will expand the scope and reach of the project during the 2017-2018 Project Cycle
Contributions of $2500 or more must be accompanied by a Contribution Letter

The Art For Arachnoiditis project CUMULATIVE FISCAL SUMMARY

$ponsors for YEAR 4.
[These are individuals or businesses who support the project by paying a fee to be added to our list of Sponsors which will be shared in project publications and exhibitions. This is a fair market ad purchase and is NOT tax-deductible.]
$300 Tier 1 Sponsor
$500 Tier 2 Sponsor
$1,000 Tier 3 Sponsor
$5,000 Project Benefactor CONTACT THE STUDIO for details of 2016-2017 Listings associated with this contribution.
$250 Memorial Sponsor ~The Survivors' Art Exhibit is dedicated Annually to the Memory of the ones we've lost.

The First YEAR Tier 1 Sponsors made tax-deductible contributions via the AIM|Hatchfund Campaign

January 2015 The Art For Arachnoiditis Project became a member of the Wellness Universe On-line Directory of Professional Wellness Resources.
February 2015 The Art For Arachnoiditis Project was awarded Fiscal Sponsorship by The New York Foundation For The Arts.