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Tree Project First Snow
Organic Installation

“It’s hardly surprising that most of us see trees as practically inanimate, nothing more than objects. But the truth is very different. They are just as intensely alive as we are . . . and for much, much longer.” ~Peter Wohlleben,

The Pine trees in the yard have taught me so much about protection, shelter, and strength and the way those things cohabitate with “inconvenience” and natural seasonal “nuiscances” (pine needles, wet towels, extra trash). I have learned a lot about the ancient purpose and relationship of these trees with the humans who surround them now. These are things I would not have learned if I had the means to “cut them down” when I moved in here.
I have learned how important it is not to try to grow trees/plants/people too close together. In order to make room for them to thrive there must be space between. Difficult choices must be made.

Ultimately, I believe this project happened because

“In the haunted house of life, art is the only stair that doesn't creak.”
~Tom Robbins

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