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August Creative Wellness Circle
Wellness Event

New Moon Creative Wellness Circle Meeting

August 12th 7-9pm
RSVP by August 6th

UNIFY Global Sisterhood
August New Moon Theme:

Radical Visibility: Fearlessly, Authentically, Me

Astrology of this new moon:
Leo: (Fire Sign) Courage, Loyalty, Leadership, Sincerity, Charisma, Passion, Enjoys being admired

"Today we are inviting every sister to trust in your inherent worthiness.
Authenticity is magnetic.
Being vulnerable, present, and real allows you to flow harmoniously with life, and you attract all that you truly yearn for.
You are perfect just as you are.
Every expression, failure, fear, wish, hope, success, and desire you have is sacred.
Embody all of you and watch your life flower and bloom." ~UNIFY