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UPDATE 6.16.2020
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Wild Gardening, Sustainable Gardens, Creative Wellness
Wild Garden Party
Creative Wellness

2020 Wild Garden Party ~ A Sacred Wild Rumpus
Do you want to remember where the Wild Things Are?

In 2020 Our Creative Wellness Circle is Cultivating a Wild Alliance in the Creative Wellness Garden at SheilaLynnK Art Studio. Our first Party is February 8th at 11:30a.m.

Limited seats available. Click HERE for contact options to RSVP by Feb 1st .

Every month we will meet to creatively explore and develop a relationship with our wild plant allies, Wild Craft Wisdom, the Sacred Spirit of Plants, and wellness goals as we celebrate and validate the traditional creative activities of women.

During these next twelve months each of us will:

Greet ethical Wild Craft methods
Identify our local Wild Plant Ally to follow through the seasons of change
Cultivate a wild space in the Creative Wellness Garden
Study the Sacred Spirit of Plants
Share our learning in creative applications and practice
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Now, more details about our wild adventures in 2020.
2020 Wild Garden Party Schedule (For best results, plan to party monthly.)

11:30-2:30 Feb 8th RSVP by Feb 1st
11:30-2:30 Mar 8th RSVP by March 1st
11:30-2:30 April 11th RSVP by April 1st
11:30-2:30 May 9th RSVP by May 1st
11:30-2:30 June 13th RSVP by June 1st
11:30-2:30 July 11th RSVP by July 1st
11:30-2:30 Aug 8th RSVP by August 1st
11:30-2:30 Sep 12th RSVP by September 1st
11:30-2:30 Oct 10th RSVP by October 1st
11:30-2:30 Nov 14th RSVP by November 1st
11:30-2:30 Dec 5th RSVP by December 5th