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2022 Art, Blog Posts, Events, Studio News
2022 Art, Blog Posts, Events, Studio News
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JULY 2022
Naked Wellness A new offering on Patreon. (Adult content) Posted 7.3.2022
JUNE 2022
Intro to Creative Wellness~ A New Thing for Local Patrons. Limited seats are available. Pre-register by June 20th. posted 6.3.2022
Sea Glass Necklace, Adult Craft Class for Local Patrons Contact the library to register. posted 6.11.2022
Betrayal, Heartbreak, Healing, Trust ~ Drawn4U New Drawn4U doodle with requested reposted essay. Posted 6.11.2022
Expanding Equitable Access to the Arts in Allegany County, NY Posted 6.17.2022
What do you need? Your voice matters Wellness Survey including arts accessibility questions. DEADLINE June 30, 2022. Posted 6.18.2022
Peony Blossom-Photos4U Unlock a dreamy high res photo and a bloggy post about peonies and peace. Posted 6.24.2022
BOFA News~ ANC Scholarship Recipient Amanda Nicole Memorial Scholarship recipient at Belfast Central School and calls for art. Posted 6.27.2022
MAY 2022
Local Call For Art ~Little Things~ Mental Health Matters 5.23.2022 ~Belfast Organization for Artists Little Things exhibit accepting 5” x 7” works by local artists. Thursday July 28, 2022 3:30-6:30pm at the Belfast Public Library
"Patterns" ~ Drawn4U Our patterns get lost in our definition of "normal".... 5.29.2022
APRIL 2022
BOFA ~ Poetry Month 2022-Call For Entries 4.1.2022
"Scroll Story" ~ Drawn4U 4.23.2022
MARCH 2022
The Art of Managing Inflammation Art For Arachnoiditis 3.27.2022
Arts in Community~Allegany Arts E-news 3.27.2022
Patrons Vote~"IntimateArt4U"~A New Thing? PatronsPreview 3.11.2022
"Mystic Masks" ~ Drawn4U PatronsOnly 3.11.2022
BOFA 2022 Marching Forward 3.5.2022
"Cave Space" ~ Drawn4U Patrons Only 2.13.2022
"Awake"~February Flashback4U PatronsOnly 2.12.2022
Returning to the Studio 2022-Meet-the-Artist-Video & Gratitude 2.7.2022
Imbolc~ SacredArt4U Patrons Only 2.1.2022
AlleganyArts~Moving Forward in 2022 AAA 1.8.2022