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New Facebook Page 2022
New Facebook Page 2022
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UPDATED PAGE INTRO (Original post -January 5, 2022)
(Online Scholarship Application open November 1st)
By request I am establishing this new facebook account as we resume "post-COVID" BOFA activities in 2022.
Active in Allegany County, NY since 2009, we thank you for your patience, support, and encouragement as we re-connect with the creative community on social media to post work and opportunities for and by local creators, as well as: resources, photos, inspiration from other makers, arts & wellness content, Belfast, NY Community-specific news & goals, and upcoming local arts activities.
Find out more about us on our blog here:
UPDATE 10.9.2022
The Amanda Nicole Curcio Scholarship has moved to the Allegany County Area Foundation
This Perpetual Scholarship still "benefits Belfast Central School students who reflect Amanda’s care and concern for others and display a solid academic record, with special consideration given to applicants showing an interest in creative writing and/or intent to pursue this at the college level.
BCS seniors and graduates may apply for the scholarship through ACAF’s regular online application, which will open on November 1.
This scholarship was originally created in 2007 and school-based before being moved to ACAF this summer.
Thanks to the Wellsville Sun for posting this update.
The Belfast Organization for Artists is a charitable community project of SheilaLynnK Art Studio at
Founder, Creator, FB Page Admin - Sheila L. Kalkbrenner
Events Coordinator, Founding Member, Artist - Kathy Garrison