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Allegany Arts Association
Allegany Arts Association
January 2023 Meeting
Public Event

Allegany Arts Association Announcements
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The next AAA Board meeting is scheduled for January 4th at 4:30pm in the Monday Club Room at the David A. Howe Library.
RSVP to by December 31st if you plan to attend.

This will be a meeting to determine a transitional path forward
as no one has volunteered to serve in the offices of President or Vice President
and no new Board has been selected by the current Allegany Arts Association members.
Interested parties are invited to attend this meeting to
preserve the Allegany Arts Association as an asset to our community wellness.
Any of the following possibilities are up for consideration:
The Allegany Arts Association may disband and be absorbed into the Tri-County Arts Council
Volunteers may be identified to serve on the AAA Board of Directors in 2023 and activities may resume as planned
AAA may take a hiatus until such time as community members are available to resume the duties of the AAA Board of Directors

During these uncertain times for AAA,
2023 Sponsored classes for youth and adults funded by local individuals and organizations
and the Arts Services Inc. - ASI; Arts Access Pass plans and programs
will continue under the oversight of
the Belfast Organization ForArtists at SheilaLynnK Art Studio (fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas),
working in partnership with the Belvidere Cornerstone and Allegany Arts Association instructors
who have expressed an interest in providing these opportunities for the community.
Additional Information is posted in the AAA Winter Arts Newsletter on the AAA website here