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2023 Art, Blog Posts, Rewards4Patrons
2023 Art, Blog Posts, Rewards4Patrons
Art and Bloggy Content

December 2023
"Broken Light" ~ A bloggyPost4U posted 12.28.2023
"Glow" ~ Free Art for Friends and Patrons posted 12.23.2023
"Wishful Retreat" ~ Drawn4U posted 12.23.2023
Creative Wellness Workshop Update posted 12.2.2023
November 2023
SheilaLynnK Art Designs Update posted 11.18.2023 "Thank you for your patience while my collection is being moved to Artist Shops. All of my design shop links are currently being re-directed to the Artist Shops transition page. Studio by VIDA is now closed.Studio by VIDA has transitioned over to Artist Shops by Threadless."
Tree Project Update Nov.2023 posted 11.18.2023 ~ A Bloggy Post for patrons first
"Sacred Harmony" preview ~NewArt4U posted 11.6.2023 (Patrons Only Post)
"Natural Facade" ~ Drawn4U posted 11.6.2023
October 2023
"Abundance Masquerade" ~Drawn4U posted 10.15.2023
Twelve Year Anniversary posted 10.15.2023(A Bloggy Post for Patrons First)
Seeking a New Public Space for this Original Art posted 10.7.2023
(Patrons Preview)
September 2023
"Autumn Whispers" ~ NewArt4U 9.20.2023 (A private post for friends and patrons)
NEW POSTER PRINTS & RE-PRINTS 2023 posted 9.17.2023
(A Patrons-First Announcement)
"Summer Sight" ~Drawn4U posetd 9.17.2023
"LittleThings" ~BOFA Annual Art Show 2023 posted 9.10.2023
|https://www.patreon.com/posts/creative-89023129|Creative Wellness Workshop|announcement posted 9.9.2023 (Local patrons)
2023Gifts~ Portraits & Custom Coloring Pages posted 9.9.2023
Coloring "Better Days" ~ NewArt4U posted 9.4.2023 (Patrons Only Post for patrons subscribed at $5 and up)
August 2023
"Daisy" ~ Drawn4U posted 8.20.2023 (Patrons only post)
"Stars In Our Scars; the sharp edges"~NakedWell 8.12.2023
(This is a patrons-only Naked Wellness post.)
"Better Days" ~ Rooster.Whiskey.Chicken.NewArt4U posted 8.11.2023
(This is a private patrons-only post with a fun coloring page attached for your personal use.)
July 2023
Creative Wellness Workshops Announcement posted 7.30.2023
"Star Seed" ~ Drawn4U posetd 7.16.2023
"Allegiance ~ A Pledge for Humanity" posted 7.5.2021
"Arachnoiditis Awareness Month" ~ July posted 7.1.2023
June 2023
Creative Wellness Workshop ~ July 15th posted 6.30.2023
Intentional Evolution ~ A Habitual Ritual posted 6.25.2023 (A patron-supported project. Thank you!)
"Venus In Bloom" ~ Drawn4U posted 6.18.2023(A post for patrons only)
CALL FOR ART ~ Little Things Exhibit 2023 posted 6.17.2023
Open to local creators in the Belfast, NY area.
Free Art For Youth ~ Local Summer Activities posted 6.11.2023
Drawn 4 U ~ "Becoming" posted 6.5.2023
Truth in Time ~ A Bloggy Post4U posted 6.3.2023
May 2023
Tree Project ~ Year 6 ~ Now and Then 5.24.2023
B.O.F.A. Update ~ 2023 5.20.2023
Amanda ~ "Never Gone" May 19, 2023
Art Programs 4 U posted 5.13.2023
April 2023
Local FREE Workshop4U announcement posted 4.21.2023
Patron-supported Drawing ~ Timely Words 4.4.2023
AAA Spring 2023 News Allegany Arts Association Announcements and Events posted 4.3.2023
March 2023
Creative Wellness Workshop 4 Local Patrons posted 3.28.2023
BOFA UFO Days Resume posted 3.28.2023
"Growth Charted" ~ Belated Post4U 3.3.2023 (A Bloggy Post4Patrons first)
February 2023
Allegany Arts Association Update4U posted 2.14.2023
January 2023
Allegany Arts Association Meeting Rescheduled posted 1.15.2023