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UPDATE 12.2.2022
This is the web home for Sheila's portfolio and other PreCovid19 Projects Public events are happening at local host sites in compliance with current covid prevention guidelines.
Feel free to contact the studio to find out about options to purchase items shown on this website.
The most current studio content can be found on Sheila's Patreon Page
Though subscribing patrons receive the most art, there is an abundant amount of FREE content posted in Sheila's public activity feed.

As my boundaries expand and my outer world has changed, I continue to return to this place for restoration.
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Photo Stock Digital Images $7.99
Print Your Own (PYO) High Resolution Digital Images $16.99

Unframed Poster Prints
11"x14" $28
Use the contact tab to order smaller sizes:
8"x10" $20
5" x 7" $15
Please specify title, quantity, and size.

Boxed Sets Available

Photo prints and posters for your business
Wholesale Options 12pk 11" x 14" Poster Prints

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$1 per month Funds Tea4me. Lots of homegrown/herbal wellness teas while I work. Thanks for infusing the muse! You'll get access to the Patrons-First Activity Feed where I post bloggy updates and ideas where you can vote on future Patron-Only Content.
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Made FREE to all in Spring 2020, this $35 Creative Wellness Independent Study program is available in the public activity feed here.
You can choose to subscribe at $3 or more per month to help fund this and other Creative Wellness projects at the studio. Thank you! You get Transformation to Wellness 5 Modules in pdf format
Free Five Modules of Creative Wellness Program Content in pdf format with Links to Creative Wellness Resources and References
Free Printable Wellness Activities and Worksheets
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$5 per month funds my creative projects. Thank you! Unlock a 30 page collection of e-z print drawings already in the patrons-only activity feed.
The 30 page printable pdf of 33 original drawings
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