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Perceptive perspective

Is your destination an illusion?
In your aimless meandering are you exploring,
Or escaping from the shelter that became your confinement?
Has your stabilizing anchor become the albatross that holds you down?
Does your protective mask blind you?
Have your braces become your obstacles?
Have your sanctified boundaries become insurmountable limitations?
Has your desire become impotent obsession?
Do you feel safe in the darkness or the light?
Are you safe or STIFLED?
Has the sweetness you once craved begun to make you nauseous?
Is it too complacent to compete with the obstacles we all must overcome?
After your escape and celebrated freedom,
Were you lost?

Opposing forces shifting, shape our world.
We move between, around and among them.
Obstacles fall before us and around us.
Perception stagnates in the façade.
In the shadow of momentum’s change
Art is the power to influence perspective.

Perceptive Perspective