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Courageous Hearts
Passionate kisses breathe
Hope and wishes, courage
Tempting chances naked on the floor
So crystal clear and speak sincere

Embracing the truth, so warm, so soft
The sharing burns so deep
It flows through those open doors
Melting hearts leave one soul to keep

Tilting, turning, scorching old scars
Too tight, too close craving flaming flesh
And singing hearts fragile at best
Comfort’s cross claims, “Recklessness!”
Courage lost, breath comes to rest

Retreating words un-do the time
Hearts cannot hear
Behind those walls of doubt
Built so safe, so high
Tender touches frozen in fear
Cowardly hearts comfortably die

Touching close when it wanes
Courageous hearts feed the flame
A stable distance behold
Loving long, steady, and true
Beautiful against the sky
Patience paints the clearest view

Courageous Hearts