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Forever Whispers
Autumn apples
Plum Tarts
Burning beds
Ignite our hearts
Blissful peace
Food wine
Music and flowers
Healing haven
Unsworn hours

Seasons shift
Hopes abide
Daunting paths
Passions reside
Breach the tide

Tilting times
Words in mind
Open eyes
Wounded pride
Assumptions fly

Ancient players
Blind our sight
Allegations smack
Affections left
Or Right

Fragile hearts
Frigid hollows
Tender tired
Mirror souls
Humbly Align
Rhythm to pulse
Rally in time

Hopeful Hearts
Pace the din
Wanting willing
Found again
Dusk to dawn
Days untold
Wispy faith
Guide us home

Trials, travels, identity quests
Woven together
Make a nest
Forever whispers
Resound in sleep
Warm breath
Always teases
A hand to keep

Heart body
Soul and mind
Invisible lines
Mine and yours
Yours and mine
Murmuring chimes

Musing hearts
Honest pose
Twin sighs
Hand in hand
Eye to eye

Forever Whispers