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I am offering The Studio Space for Your Activity AT NO CHARGE.
A FEW IDEAS to get you started
PROMOTE YOUR OWN WORK ~ Invite your patrons to find out more about what you do. Give a talk, show slides, talk about your sales and opportunities, do a demonstration
HOST AN ART PARTY ~ Invite co-workers, friends, and patrons to YOUR Artsy Party or
Creative Team-Building Activity for Adults
MUSICIANS & PERFORMERS ~Invite your patrons to hear you play your own music (limited electric), promote a local theatrical performance with a short skit or…the space is especially good for a puppet show!
GIVE A PRESENTATION ~ Tell us about your favorite Local Woman Artist(s) Past and Present.
Talk about what you see for Women Artists Here in the Future
Talk about what you’d like to see the Allegany County NY SWAN Days Become
PROVIDE A CHILDRENS’ ACTIVITY ~Give women artists time to create while their children attend an Art
Party or Learn a Creative Activity
TEACH A LESSON FOR WOMEN ARTISTS ~ Share your knowledge. Expand their skill sets.
STUDIO TIME JUST FOR YOU~ Reserve the studio space to do your own work in a quiet place
(The Walls will be full. Table Space & An Easel will be available.)

Projector available to show Power Point Presentations and images from YOUR flashdrive.
The Official 9th International SWAN Day is March 26, 2016. If you are hosting a local creative WomenArts Event please let me know Date/Time/Location and I will add it to the SWAN Days Calendar.
Review the Schedule for Available Dates/Times to Host your Women In the Arts activity.
Contact the Studio by Feb 5th to add your event to the SWAN Days Schedule.
OR Become a Sponsor
During Swan Days 2016