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SWAN Become A Sponsor
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SWAN DAY ALLEGANY COUNTY NY 2016 is Sponsored By SheilaLynnK Art Studio and The Belfast Organization For Artists (BOFA)
Opening Reception Refreshments Provided by Chef Brian Decker and Alfred State College Baking Production and Management
And Our Creative Wellness Sponsor: Ariel's Naturals Health and Wellness Products and Classes

Be Added to our list of Sponsors (SWANs) displayed during
These SWAN Day Allegany County NY 2016 Activities.

$25 Silver CYGNET
$50 Gold CYGNET
$75 Platimum CYGNET

$200 Silver SWAN Includes listing with your Business/Name
$500 Gold SWAN Includes listing with your Business/Name, Logo, and Website
$1000 Platinum SWAN Includes listing with your Business/Name, Logo, and Website with links to your page on digital media.
As the Event grows in the years to come, 2016 Benefactors will be listed as "Principal Sponsors" in future publications/marketing, etc
If you'd like to Sponsor In Memory of a Be-Loved Creative Person, PLEASE Contact the Studio to arrange your memorial listing.

ALL Funding Raised Will be Used to Support Local Women Artists and Future Allegany County NY SWAN Day Events.(Excludes fees at checkout) An annual funding report will be posted on the event page.

Cash or Money Orders Payable to Sheila L. Kalkbrenner, SheilaLynnK Art Studio Memo:SWAN Day Allegany County NY, also accepted.
This is a for profit business. Payment for Sponsorship listings is NOT tax-deductible.
The above template is an approximation. There may be some slight adjustments in the layout depending on the Number of Sponsors participating.
Payment Confirmation Received by March 1st will ensure that you are included on PRINT publications.
Payments Received After March 1st, you will be added to the digital versions utilized on Social Media and included in any subsequent printings or publications for SWAN Day 2016 Allegany County NY.