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Medical Injury, Patient Rights, Informed Consent, Wellness, Trust after Medical Injury, Disaster Mind
10 Tips~How to Trust Your Doctor After Medical Injury

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"How to trust your doctor (a.k.a. “Any Medical Practitioner”) after a medical injury." {An Independent Publication of the Art For Arachnoiditis Project}
One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch...but, should you KEEP that bad apple if there are other options? ...and how does that "BAD" apple make you feel about all the other apples?
I am confronting my "Disaster Mind" (Read THAT FREE post and get the FREE Wellness Meditation Coloring Page HERE) and trust issues head-on, making sure I have explored all options available, griping about the need to do so, and trying to be responsible for my own outcomes.
FEAR is a powerful thing. After coming up empty in my search for tips on how to trust that everything will be okay and how to have faith in that after a medical injury; I am writing about my discoveries to Re-assure myself and to give Other people Something to Find when they do the Same search. I hope this list is useful to you.
~Wishing you a low pain day. -slk

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