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YEAR 3 Fiscal Goals
YEAR 3 Fiscal Goals

WILL THERE BE another year?
If we reach our funding goal; YEAR 3 brings a FREE, EIGHT WEEK Online Creative Wellness Program for Spinal Arachnoiditis Survivors

FUNDRAISING TARGET FOR Year 3 $18, 189.69~ without this funding the The Art For Arachnoiditis Project may be closing this year.

Update: We received some wonderful art by survivors as we squeaked through Year 3 with a less-than-ideal fiscal outlook. Although we didn't reach these fiscal goals, we are moving into Year 4 with some hopeful adjustments.

And a Modified Method to present a FREE Independent Study Creative Wellness Program to Survivors Registered at the Project. [FIND OUT MORE]

As always, the current Income/Expense Report is available to the public. Though our intentions are always to provide as many services as possible to support Arachnoiditis Survivors in their Creative Wellness Efforts; we are limited by our fiscal abilities.