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Creative Wellness Garden
Intro Video

Introduction to the Creative Wellness Garden at SheilaLynnK Art Studio.

This video is a work in progress for an entry I am submitting for the Mountain Rose Herbs Grants for Plants project.
Still editing this to come up with a shorter version.

More about the TreeProject featured in this video can be found HERE

A National Wildlife Federation registered WildLife Habitat, The Creative Wellness Garden at SheilaLynnK Art Studio is an ever-growing resource for Sustainable Independent Wellness. Providing chemical-free organic resources for learning about indigenous wellness and creative practices with organic materials, the garden also provides a natural healing sanctuary for all life happening here. The project is designed to celebrate the sacred reciprocal relationship between humanity and nature as it educates us about the abundant gifts at our finger tips. Since 2014, approximately forty five identified plants are thriving here. These plants are our teachers and allies. Responding to the needs of each, we protect and support them as they grow in a chemical-free, organic environment. Completed in 2018, a small aquatic ecosystem is slowly developing in the central water feature to sustain beneficial insects and wildlife in the garden.
Through a variety of affordable, accessible visual arts projects and lessons, Creative Wellness Program patrons and participants of all ages have the opportunity to learn the nutritional, medicinal, spiritual, sacred, and creative content of each plant in the garden while nurturing mutual respect for this living exchange. Drawing, painting, photography, botanical studies, floral essences, DIY organic art supplies, craft projects, cultural history, meditations, gatherings, exhibits, and events; these assorted theme-based activities offered through the year are timed to coincide with the seasonal growth cycle of the garden and the phases of personal development on the path to Wellness. Designed to facilitate five keys to Sustainable Independent Wellness, (Shelter, Joy, Adaptability, Autonomy, Sustenance); the Creative Wellness Program works with the rhythms of the surrounding example that nature provides.

Of the Garden and I
As it grows, so I learn. As it thrives, so I do.
Once a plot of over-grown, over-crowded, unhealthy, neglected pine trees located on a .15 acre lot amidst a residential area in our small town, there is an empathetic, symbiotic relationship between the garden, the art studio, and the artist.
Combined with a dedicated pursuit of the arts; these native plants restored my life. A spinal arachnoiditis survivor since 2007 due to a medical error; this preventable spinal cord injury had significantly compromised my quality of life and rendered me unemployable.
Inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s, Gathering Moss; I came to understand that I must adapt as the mosses do. Slowly working toward my vocational rehabilitation self-employment goals since 2011; in 2013/2014, I serendipitously discovered indigenous plants that did more to ease my pain and restore my ability to manage this injury than the medical community had thought possible.
Previously outside my frame of reference, a door to great remembering and wisdom opened. I am now authentically on the path I was meant to travel.

I purchased a neglected parcel of land eight years ago out of a need to adapt in a smaller space that was closer to our medical facility. Nature has been healing us, the land and me, ever since. Growing in the Creative Wellness Garden at SheilaLynnK Art Studio you will find: adaptability, medicine, nourishment, compassion, a unique voice, mindfulness, authenticity, relationships, a purpose, resilience, and your soul.

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Plants in the Garden [My Photos for the catalog and time to assemble the pages and information made possible by my patrons. Thank you!]