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The Local B~Arter For Art Program was launched at the studio in February 2014.

For patrons not participating in Patreon, here is another way to
Support the Studio
Level A $15
Level B $35
Level C $45

This is a ONE Time charge for individuals who would like to Support the Art being Made here. This payment option is intended for those who are not interested in a long term subscription or commitment at this time. This payment is NOT tax-deductible and is NOT linked to the Rewards or Terms of any Patreon Subscriptions.
Become a Patron (not tax-deductible) Here You Get Exclusive Access to Previews of Studio Activity plus MORE ART for you with your paid subscription.

If you would like to make a Tax-deductible contribution to support future Charitable Art Projects at SheilaLynnK Art Studio you can find out more about that HERE.
*$6.00 of every purchase you make from my website and
my collection at V I D A*,
helps to fund the Belfast Organization for Artists, The Art For Arachnoiditis Project, and my work to provide equitable access to local creative things in Allegany County, NY and elsewhere.

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